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Our 15 piece brush sets comes complete with brushes suitable for a full face application in a mix of both synthetic and natural hair bristles. The duo fibre bristles to give a subtle and flawless finish.


​- Powder Brush

- Blush Brush: Apply cream or powder products.

- Small Buffer

- Face shader: Perfect to Bronze and Contour face.

- Buffing brush: Applies Liquid and cream foundation.

- Small Shading Brush: Perfect for under eye area.

- Precise Blending Brush

- Fluffy Blending Brush

- Crease Brush: Ideal for the crease area.

- Eye-shadow Brush: Applies eye-shadow products.

- Medium domed brush: Blends liquid/ cream concealer.

- Angled Contour Brush: Fits the nose contour/ Outer Crease.

- Small Domed brush: Blends cream products for eye area.

- Angled Wing liner Brush: Multipurpose, fill brows/eye line.

- Eyeliner Brush: Create fine and defined lines.

15 Piece Brush Set

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